Happy New Year 2070

Tuesday December thirty one 2069

Today is the last day of 2069 and the last day of Timeline 2069. Tomorrow brings the launch of Timeline 2070 and hopefully the start of a new era for the Former UK states (FUKS) and the Western European Confederation of States (WECS).

For FUKS sake we wish the government well in its bold endeavours in the coming year.

The last year has been momentous with the highlight being Margaret May leading a newly elected Socialist Conservative Alliance Movement (SCAM) government. Under Re-education Minister, Karl Corbyn Junior III, lifelong learning compulsory education to age 60 will be rolled out in the next year. It is a bold move to ensure that the WECS leisure time directive is adhered to.

We will be watching closely.

Stand in editor: Chuck Kane

The usual editor is not available - we can't find him.

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