Currency manipulation revealed in 2029 papers released under the 40 year rule.

Sunday November seventeen 2069

The eagerly awaited release of government papers under the forty year rule revealed shocking facts about the turmoil of the 2020s. 

As expected, they describe in detail the extent of the chaotic government in the period ten years after the ‘incident’.  Many papers, related to the incident itself, were listed then as ‘never to be disclosed’ and remain so to this day. However, the papers released this week after forty years are the first to shed some light on the effects that the incident had on the future of the world economy.

The demise of world currencies.

The big surprise is the extent to which the money markets were being manipulated in the immediate post ‘incident’ era.  An inquiry in 2027, led by veteran QC, Harry Eastwood Snr (father of current government advisor and ‘enforcer’ Professor Sir Harry Eastwood) was supressed by the minority SCUM (Socialist Conservative United Momentum) government working alongside other minority parties and several independent MPs. The inquiry was set up by the SCUM  minority government to analyse ‘The Causes of World Currency Volatility’. There were many rumours at the time that the practice of political manipulation of the currency exchange rates had already been well established as a money generator for greedy investors in the period leading up to the ‘incident’ in 2019. However, the Eastwood remit was limited to post ‘incident’ causes only. The role of Prime Minister was rotated every two months during that time and it is confusing as to who was leading at the time of the review’s completion and immediate suppression. 

Now forty years later we see that several MPs from the newly formed Former UK States Isolation (FUKSI) Party were deliberately playing the money markets and manipulating the exchange rates. The suspicion at the time was that many other independent MPs were working in secret with the FUKSI Party and doing the same. Then FUKSIP was only a ‘young’ party just formed by Norman Larage who was in his 20s. His main collaborators, Boris Bonking and Ronnie Robinson, had graduated with Larage in History and Politics from the newly formed University of Middle England in the immediate post ‘incident’ period. They avowed to completely isolate the UK from its neighbours and sought, alongside many other independent MPs, to undermine attempts to form a new Confederation of Western European States. However, at the time their erratic and wildly swinging policies were difficult for people to comprehend or explain.

In hindsight all is now clearer. The Eastwood report revealed that the volatile currency exchange rates in the 2020s were closely following the FUKSIP political threats. A large consortium of investors in the UK worked alongside FUKSIP to create uncertainly and sweep up the resulting low priced currencies, notably the UK£.  They then entered into fresh agreements with the SCUM party regarding an alliance with other Western European States and sold on the resulting higher value currency. This cycle was repeated at least six times in the political pandemonium after the ‘incident’.
In his introduction to the review, Harry Eastwood QC reflected the mood at the time when giving evidence at a parliamentary inquiry held in secret, "I have strong feelings about financial control. If there's finance around, I want to be controlling it."

The Bitcoin revolution.
A rise in the use of Bitcoins as a means to pay for online purchases was inevitable in the light of widening disparities in the various world currencies. These mainly affected the US Dollar, the Euro and the UK£. The Bitcoin operation automatically fixed its value in the market by aligning itself to the mean of all world currencies from 2030 onwards and became the most stable and reliable.  It was also less prone to manipulation on the markets. When national currencies were finally abolished in 2032 by the World Bank, the Bitcoin exchange rate for the UK£ was strangely very favourable as FUKSIP engineered yet another crisis.

The forty year rule and FUKSIP.
When  Norman Larage and his so called ‘rabid acolytes’ gained power ten years ago, one of their first moves was to extend the existing 30 year rule to 40 years. In their last year in power in 2068 they were again seeking to extend this further to at least 60 years. Instead, it seems that their sorry history has been revealed this week.

Norman Larage was on holiday on his luxury yacht in Barbados and was not available for comment today. Neither were any members of the former government who also appeared to be on holiday at various sunnier locations. Prime Minister Margaret May, however, praised the brave and hard work of the late Harry Eastwood at a time of "turmoil and intimidation". She said that, “Like him I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph”.

By our political analyst Rupert C Kane.

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